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The word gLocket comes from the words “Glass” and “Locket” we put them together and that’s where we got our name. A gLocket is a glass locket that holds floating charms.

The necklace is silver plated alloy and the charms are glass, stainless steel and enamel

The gLocket is durable, but it is GLASS so it can break, we suggest not wearing it in situations it could get hit hard. Avoid excessive water around your gLocket, they are not water proof, do not wear it in the shower, pool etc. If it is raining RUN, just kidding, small amounts of water are fine. To clean your gLocket, simply clean them the same way you would a pair of glasses or use dry polishing clothes. We know you love your gLocket, but you really shouldn’t be sleeping together… be sure to take off your gLocket before you go to bed.

The full size gLocket holds about 13 birthstones, and the mini holds about 7. As far as other charms, this depends on the size of the charms that you choose. The charms that are not birthstone are all different sizes.

The birthstone charms are Synthetic Birthstones that are more durable and much cheaper than real birthstones. Real birthstones and glass ones will break when they are loose in a locket. The Synthetic Birthstones can handle bouncing around in a locket.

The necklace is silver plated alloy and the charms are glass, stainless steel and enamel

Paypal and All MAJOR Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) You can mail us a check, but we will not mail you a gLocket, sorry checks are just too prone to fraud.

If you don’t love your gLocket, send it back for a full refund minus the shipping costs. You have 14 days from the shipping date to request a return.

Just like the USA, we are a two party system AKA all information is between you and I. We do NOT share or sell your information, even if someone offered us a million dollars, the answer would be… sorry sir, but you must be insane and we do not do business with insane people.

Please use the contact form and tell us about where you want to sell gLockets and we will get in touch with you on available options of becoming a reseller

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Local pickup is only available one week before Christmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed. We generally stay at the office no later than 7pm. We will call you when your order is ready. Our address is 469 East 1000 South, Pleasant Grove UT 84062.

Our office is closed on the weekends. We will also be closed Dec 24th and reopen Dec 30th. Local Pickup orders must be picked up by 7pm Dec 23rd.